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For more then 100 million Americans, this is what we wake up to each and every morning. Did you know that is estimated that we drink more than 350 million cups of coffee a day? Coffee is the world's most popular beverage after water, with over 400 billion consumed annually.

Coffee Intelligence

  1. Clean Your Pot- Without proper cleaning, oils & sediment will settle in machine & will result in a stale & bitter tasting coffee.
  2. Use the right coffee & measurements
  3. Use unbleached paper filters or gold wire permanent filters. Be sure to level grinds once they are in the filter.
  4. Use cold, filtered water for brewing-since coffee is about 99% water, the quality & freshness of your water is a key ingredient to a great tasting pot.
  5. Use a high quality automatic drip thermal coffee maker- Good coffee makers get the water hot enough to extract maximum flavor from the beans (195º-200º)
  6. Insure Freshness- If keeping coffee longer than 10-15 minutes store in air-tight carafee or airport.
  7. Never reheat your coffee.


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